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For youth looking for volunteer opportunities

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Welcome to Champlain Heights Youth Council!

We’re a youth-led community group that plans a bunch of fun activities and events to benefit the members of our neighborhood.

We’re inviting all youth (Grade 8 and up) to join us on our event planning adventures!

Since Champlain Heights is so close to plenty of parks and wildlife, we love helping out with sustainable initiatives. We’ll be meeting completely online this year, but we’ll still have plenty of fun creating virtual and safe events. As a part of the Champlain Heights Community Centre, we’ll be bringing a bunch of fantastic events to our surrounding community. You’ll also be making volunteer hours along the way for your efforts.

We will most likely be meeting on Facebook Rooms (or Zoom), on Saturdays from 9:00-10:00 pm (evenings).


Fill in your info here to get involved in this amazing and fun cause!

Need more info?  newgen2.0b@gmail.com (Council Chair)

(After signing up, your name, birthday, pronouns, and email will be privately shared on our group contact list)

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