For over 40 years the iconic Champlain Heights sign greeted visitors and residents as they entered the community. Unfortunately, the sign deteriorated over the several years from age, graffiti and, ultimately, the theft of the sign itself. The stone and mortar base of the sign was also damaged and difficult to repair or replace.

Anonymous members of the community found the lost icon and recruited others to repair, repaint and reinstall the sign. The sign was heavily damaged from rot and other degradation. Fortunately, a community member with experience in sign repair was recruited to fix the sign and prep it for painting.

All labour was donated – the volunteers only wish to be reimbursed for costs such as wood, paint and concrete.

The plan was to reinstall the sign on three posts and then create a small garden around the sign incorporating stone from the old base. The sign itself was  updated but will retain the same font and white & brown colours. Back, side, top and bottom layers were added to help preserve the sign and protect against insect and water damage. A gold border was added to highlight everything and give it an updated look. Anti-graffiti coating was also  added.

Community members have long lamented the loss of the iconic Community Heights sign. With your help we can celebrate its return!

Also, if you have any ideas about a neighborhood beautification project, please let us know at Champlain Heights Community Association.