Chess for Kids – Intermediate

Josefino (Joe) Soliven
September 23, 2023
December 16, 2023
11:00 AM
12:20 PM
Meeting Room at *Champlain Heights Community Centre
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As a school academic in a game, playing chess and being smart are interconnected. There’s a strong correlation between chess and academic achievement including math, spatial analysis and non-verbal reasoning ability. Chess teaches higher level thinking skills such as visualization, analysis and critical thinking. Chess allows kids to connect with something in the real world which in turn, fire up their desire to learn. Joining in this Sherlock-Holmes-world of tactics and strategies, where the chessmen come into being, kids get trained in life-skills goal-setting: ?checkmate?! (trapmate). What?s more, chess provides a mental armor plate ? ?commander? (leader) self-image ? whereby kids can draw upon and develop a well-rounded discipline, amidst a friendly social setting where art meets science and math with fun.No Classes Sept 30 or Nov. 11

Josefino (Joe) Soliven

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