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What can I do to be more involved in my community?

Being involved in your community makes you a more responsible citizen.  You are taking an active role in helping to shape your community.  Being more involved can also give you a voice in your community. There are many ways to get involved in your community. Making new connections to your community benefits everyone.  If you want to help out in your community, all you need is free time and the desire to make your neighborhood a better place. You can inspire others as well as yourself!

Do you enjoy making a difference and helping others? Would you like to gain experience and skills, while working as a team to create great experiences for people in this community?

→Become a Champlain Heights Community Association Board Member

→Volunteer on a committee, at a program or an event

→Youth Volunteering Opportunities for ages 13-17 yrs

→Propose a Program and teach at Champlain Heights CC


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