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The Everett Crowley Park Committee

The Everett Crowley Park Committee (ECPC) is a sub-committee of the Champlain Heights Community Association and is made up of park users and local residents who are working to see this green space protected and enhanced for the long term.


The ECPC mission statement is:

“To encourage stewardship of Everett Crowley Park as an urban wilderness”.


ECPCRockECPC liaises with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation on management issues and improvement projects.

Projects in which the committee has taken an active part include new plantings, removing invasives, organizing community events in the park, maintaining a Mason Bee Condo and maintaining the Butterfly Garden (planted to support bees, butterflies and hummingbirds).


New members to the Everett Crowley Park Committee are always welcome (and needed). The committee meets at 6:30-8:30pm the first Tuesday of the month at the Champlain Heights Community Centre.

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Earth Day Pictures @ Everett Crowley Park

Earth Day Pictures from past event Held on Saturday April 22, 2017 11:00am-3:00pm This was family fun, environmental education and helping with the long-term reforestation goals of Vancouver’s 5th largest Park, Everett Crowley Hosted by... Read More

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  1. Ray
    | Reply


    Does anyone know why all the trees have died on the north side of the park where wood chips have been added ?


    • KristiinaAdmin
      | Reply

      Hi Ray

      Several others have also noticed a lot of browning on new plantings along the north-west side of the park as well. These trees may have received mycorrhizae when planted.

      The Park Board intentionally plants extra trees because not all trees will survive. Park staff will be brushing around the trees, adding mycorrhizae and seeding with clover over the summer months.

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