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CHEEP (Champlain Heights Earthquake & Emergency Preparedness) Committee


CHEEP’s purpose is to help facilitate through CHCA, a growing caring community that is helping each other so that in the event of earthquakes or other emergencies we all will be more “prepared not scared” .

CHEEP (Champlain Heights Earthquake & Emergency Preparedness) is a sub-committee of Champlain Heights Community Association.

CHEEP’s Mission Statement: “Helping grow prepared & cooperative neighbourhoods” CHEEP’s Vision & Goals: Helping set up emergency preparedness workshops, community info evenings and fairs. Communicating and working with individuals, community organizations, the Parks Board and City of Vancouver to actively and positively be informed and prepared with minimal “gloom and doom”. Helping with Champlain Heights Community Centre’s Emergency Hub plus using tools like Map Your Neighbourhood to empower community members and families to actively have a part in our community’s resilience.
Contact CHEEP and become a CHEEP committee member as we all become more “prepared not scared”.
T: 604-718-6575
E: champlaincc@vancouver.ca


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